Hungarian Spa

“Alex’s Hand communicate the concept of this spa as a total cleanse, a dissolution of regret for every character who takes over through the sixteen-track album, exploring different ideas and perceptions of a getaway.”

Kellen Mills – bass, upright, synth, vocals
Nic Barnes – Drums, percussion, vocals
Erik Leuthäuser – lead vocals (1,3,4,5,8,9.12)
Ruben Bernges – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, bkp vocals
Jacopo Bazzarri – vibraphone
Matt Kennon – tenor sax, alto sax, bkp vocals
Giovanni Chirico – baritone sax
Dima Bondarev – trumpet
Scott Flynn – trombone
Danielle Friedman – acoustic piano

Add. Musicians

Roberto Vicchio – trumpet (1), italian (3)
Scott Thomas – additional alto sax (4) , alto sax solo (16) , alto sax (2)
Grgur Savic – alto sax (1)
Matt Paull – keys (1,13), bckp vocals (1)
Carl Andrew O’sullivan – bckp vocals (1)
Phil Tietjen – spoken (7)
Brian Krock – alto sax, clarinet (10)
Chato Segerer – guitar solo (15)
Omri Abramov – tenor sax solo (4) , tenor sax (2)
Marietta Sarri – lead vocals (14)
Chatschatur Kanajan – violin (14)
Josephine Andronic – violin (14)
Shasta Ellenbogen – viola (14)
Liron Yariv – cello (14)


All tracks recorded by Alex’s Hand at Alex’s Hand studios except “Symbioastic Manuvr” recorded live by and Jörg Dreissigacker

Mixed and edited by: Kellen Mills
Mastered by : Maor Applebaum Mastering – California – USA

Artwork by Jim Agpalaza
Photography by – Trag Records
Package design by – Nic Barnes

Alex’s Hand is supported by Initiative Musik GmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

released October 15, 2019


“KaTaTaK” is the 4th studio album by the US-born and Germany-based avant-rock-fusion formation known as ALEX’S HAND. 
No overall concept this time. Just sort of story oriented. The first piece “Waterfalls” is about paranoia and sort of an homage to Thomas Pynchon’s novel “Gravity’s Rainbow”. The second piece “Epic” is sort of a musical experiment with richety robot style jazz. The third piece “Ghost Peppers” is about someone eating a ghost pepper and being possessed by the devil… “
Kellen Mills – Bass, Vox 
Nic Barnes – Drums, Vox 
Ben Reece – Electric Guitar 
Max Steiner – Electric Guitar 
Rieko Okudo – Keys, Synth 
Anna Makovkina – Vox (main “Ghost Peppers”, bg “Waterfalls”) 
Nick Shannon – Vox (bg/operatic “Ghost Peppers”) 
Carl O’ Sullivan – Vox (bg “Ghost Peppers”) 
Recorded by: Kellen Mills, Nic Barnes
Mixed by: Kellen Mills
Mastered by: Allan Shotter
Art direction and graphics by: Zonderzond
released by R.A.I.G 2017 

Künstler Scheiße

Künstler Scheiße was recorded on Alex’s Hand’s second tour 2014 through California in a garage/studio in Oakland. The raw tracks were taken and extensively overdubbed. 
Nic Barnes – Drums, Percussion, Vox 
Kellen Mills – Bass, Vox, Synth, found sounds, electronical touchups 
Ben Reece – Electric Guitar, Vox 
Max Steiner – Electric Guitar 
Rieko Okuda – Keys, Synth 
Carl Andrew O’ Sullivan – Vox 
Johannes Schleiermacher – Flute, Baritone and Tenor Saxophone 
Charlotte BirkenHauer – Vibraphone 
Peter Kuhnsch – Hand Percussion, Whistles, bells, (on Samba) 
Rob Mattessi – Trumpet 
Otto Horvath – Trombone 
Stephen Barnes – Piano (on Trained)
Recorded live by: Mike Sopko
All music composed by: Alex’s Hand 
Except for “Trained” Composed by: Stephen Barnes
Recorded by: Mike Sopko, Kellen Mills, Nic Barnes
Mixed by: Kellen Mills. 
Mastered by: Allan Shotter
Artwork by: Helen Lord
released by R.A.I.G June 1, 2016


An impromptu improvisational session with: Nic Barnes, Kellen Mills (of Alex’s Hand); and Adam Meszaros (of Jü).
Adam Meszaros- Guitar 
Nic Barnes – Drums, Percussion 
Kellen Mills – Bass 
Recorded by: Alex’s Hand and Adam Meszaros 
Edited by: Alex’s Hand 
Mixed by: Alex’s Hand 
Mastered by: Allan Shotter 
released April 4, 2016 

The Roaches 

“Alex’s Hand is a US-based, Berlin-based band that incorporates many styles to create a universe that defies description, and because of the rarity of such encounters, it’s interesting to look at their latest production, between serenity and torment. the notes that unfold express the vicissitudes of the soul, and the instruments that support them are no less versatile than the impression of a great ox is the spontaneity of the game and the The diversity of the repertoire that we present, so that when the bipolar “Pirate Jazz” succeeds voices alternately ethereal, anxious and authoritarian, it is the fantasy world of Frank Zappa that we find in the a story told to us solemnly about the rhythmic “Cop.”
Similarly, where a threatening waltz establishes its quarters (“Pirate Jazz”), it is a benevolent polyphony of the Ars Subtilior who invites himself (” Pools “). Thus, by one g A wide variety of voices and musical atmospheres, there are many moods, styles and eras that collide in the Alex’s Hand galaxy. Far from being disconcerting, and like an adventurer who is never at the end of his surprises, this patchwork fascinates by its unpredictable side and a heteroclism that makes us travel in lands all more diverse than each other. With its long drawer spans, introduced through truculent dialogues, excerpts from radio shows or narrations, “Alex’s Hand Presents: The Roaches” could actually be the perfect soundtrack of a colorful pulp brought to life. the screen (see again the reference film “Pulp Fiction”). It was also probably the goal of our lads, as the unbridled talk of musical constructions as rich in rebounding slices of life moves closer to the whimsical universe of these magazines. With shift and eclecticism, Alex’s Hand creates a very singular universe. Certainly, jazz is the guiding thread, but in the manner of Frank Zappa or Mr Bungle, they knew how to free themselves from any label to express as many musical sensitivities as they wished, without falling into the trap of force feeding emetic.”
Lucas Biela
Clair & Obscur
Kellen Mills-Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Gtr, Synth,
Nic Barnes- Drums, Percussion, Vocals 
Gabe Tachell-Electric Guitar, Vocals,
Max Steiner- Electric Guitar 
Richard Williams- Keys
Jason Shao- Melodica Solo, Synth
Dennis Rea- Electric Guitar 
Stephen Barnes- Keys, Organ, Synth 
Jim DeJoie- Horns 
Kit- Electric Guitar 
Ben Reece- Electric Guitar,Acoustic Guitar
Alicia Dejoie- Violin 
Music Written by: Alex’s Hand 
Lyrics / Dialogue by: Kellen Mills 
Produced by: Alex’s Hand 
Recorded by: Kellen Mills,Nic Barnes, Gabe Tachell
Edited by: Alex’s Hand 
Mixed by: Kellen Mills, Gabe Tachell
Mastered by: Chris Hanszek 
released March 1, 2014


Recorded Live at Columbia City Theater June 30 2013 for Seattle’s Seaprog Festival.
Kellen M. – Bass, Vox 
Nic B. – Drums, Vox 
Gabe T. – Gtr, Vox 
Max S.- Gtr, Vox 
Recorded at Columbia City Theater 
Artwork by: Bree Lurver 
Mixed and Mastered by: Kellen Mills
released September 10, 2013 

An Albatross around the neck.

“In my review of Madame Psychosis, I wondered what Alex’s Hand might get up to next, and here we have the answer. Albatross is every bit as varied as the EP, with some of the same elements along with some others. The Hand’s main men, Nic Barnes and Kellen Mills, have crafted another winning set of scattershot style-jumping that probably shouldn’t work but does. It follows in the footsteps of Mr. Bungle, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and others, namely borrowing liberally from a mind-boggling collection of influences and mashing them together in unexpected ways. 
They have quite a coterie of collaborators on guitars, keys, saxes, and so on, and manage to strike a balance between chaos and order that often makes me smile. You wouldn’t think loose jam-band grooves could mesh with punkish thrashing, metal headbanging, lounge piano, atonal improvisation, and bits of spoken word… and then take a little electronic trip to a Martian Dog Park. Catchy melodies and riffs abound, but don’t get drilled into your head by too much repetition. 
One of the downsides of listening to huge amounts of music is that things start getting predictable – you hear a verse or two and you know to expect a chorus, and in the middle of the track a guitar solo. The complete lack of predictability is what makes Alex’s Hand such a balm for jaded ears. Of course, all these styles have been done before, but nobody ever put them together quite like this before.”
Jon Davis 
Kellen Mills – Bass, Vox, Synth, Piano 
Nic Barnes – Drums, Vox, Synth 
Ben Reece – Electric Guitar 
Mark Yates White – Electric Guitar 
Dan Pearson – Sax 
Gabe Tachell – Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar 
Steve Barnes – Piano, Synth 
Shadough Williams – Weirdo Synth, Guitar, BG Vox 
Bill Monto – Sax


Music Written by: Alex’s Hand 
Lyrics: Kellen Mills 
Recorded by: Kellen Mills, Nic Barnes
Mixed by: Steve Fisk
Mastered by: Rick Fisher of RFI Mastering
Artwork by: Bree Lurver
released June 1, 2013 


“Part-broken, smeared, and devilled by little gouts of waspishness, this isn’t the easiest collection of songs and slurs to get along with. But there’s plenty to scoop out anyway, especially if you like hearing the wilful awkwardness of a band who enjoy stretching themselves out of shape and balance, and who can fit that in with the big boots and barfly lunges. If you enjoy feeling as if you’ve been dipped in an uncomfortable goo, that’s a bonus.” 
Dann Chinn
Misfit City UK
Kellen Mills- Bass, Vox, Lyrics, Electric Guitar, Synth 
Nic Barnes- Drums, Percussion, Vox, Synth 
Ben Reece-electric guitar on “Train”. 
Shadough Williams-Electric Guitar on “Impression” 
Mark Yates White-electric guitar on “ConserveNow”, and, “Ants”. 
Recorded by: Kellen M. and Nic B.
Mixed and Mastered by: Kellen M.(Except for Penticide, which was mixed by Nic B.)
Released 2013

Madame Psychosis (EP)

The debut EP of Seattle, Washington’s Alex’s Hand. 
‪A mix of: indie rock, jazz, punk and avant garde pop makes “Madame Psychosis” a dreamy yet explosive experiment in sonic satisfaction‬. 
Kellen Mills – Bass, Vox, Lyrics, Acoustic gtr, Synth 
Nic Barnes – Drums, Acoustic Gtr, Percussion, Scream 
Mark Yates White – Horns, Shaker, Electric Gtr, Bob 
Ben Reece –  Electric Guitar solo on Stalker
Stephen Barnes – Piano/Organ/Synth
Recorded by Kellen Mills, Mark Yates-White, Nic Barnes 
Mixed by Kellen Mills
Mastered by Rick Fisher of RFI Mastering
Photos by Lord Fotog 
released 2012