“If not for the vocal harmonies and bombastic introduction, stay for the complex drums and pop-jazz interlude. Midway between big band jazz and prog rock, this song undeniably sets the stage for the band’s next album.”
Dave Tremblay, Can this even be called music? – December 2018 


“The wild diversity, the drama, the alternation of lyrical and abstract, harmonious and aggressive structure, the punky as the atonal moment, the almost amelodic radicalism and ingenious compositional handwriting.”
Volkmar Mantei, BabyBlaue Seiten (translated from German) – July 2017
“Musical references include (the usual suspects) Mr. Bungle, Frank Zappa, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, but this band has listened widely in rock, jazz, and classical music and assimilated the sounds without regard to typical boundaries. “
Jon Davis, Expose Magazine – December 2017
“In general, “KaTaTak” is a post-modern album, funny and crafty, with lots of funny references, not at all evil and not at all rude.”
Igor Gorely, Recyclable Sounds (Translated from Russian) – December 2017
“Contrary to tradition, the songs don’t follow an overarching theme or concept, but the three main chunks – “Waterfalls”, “Epic”, and “Ghost Peppers” – each tell a story through convoluted long-form structures, atypical riffs and rhythmic patterns, and a generally rather aggressive take on progressive rock and jazz rock.”
Dave Tremblay, Can this even be called music? – December 2017 
“I hear the band play a brilliant mix of rock in opposition, experimental rock and avant garde, while also under the influence of Frank Zappa.”
Carry Munter, Carry’s New underground – December 2017 



“Acid-jazz and psychedelia merge with progressive rock, that has an extemporised jam session feel to it as country and Russian folk also make fleeting appearance, attack the listener sending them off in to discombobulating disconnected sparks of ideas – yet – or because of its discordance holds the attention whilst the mind seeks to form its own connecting narrative.”
Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands – August 2017



“If Mike Patton got together with Frank Zappa and wrote whatever the fuck they felt like, you’d have an idea of what Alex’s Hand are about.”
Rob, Progressive music planet – June 2016
“Exciting, stubborn, sympathetic – ALEX’S HAND play limitless music with rock-foundation and jazz-ethos, mostly cheerful, yet multi-faceted. An acoustic roller coaster of emotions, taken in by enormously capable musicians.”
Andreas Schiffman, Music – November 2016
“Blown away, floored, you name it I am there with this album! It contains so many influences you can’t list them all here and you don’t need to because it has a complete soul of its own and it contains all the ingredients to the Free Form Jazz Prog genre here and then some!”
Progressivelyso, CA – June 9, 2016
As with their past work, it’s a cerebrum-twisting amalgam (especially the winkingly titled “Mars Travolta”) of surprising tempo shifts, abrasive and beautiful guitar and keyboard textures, and vocals both enchanting and exasperating.
Dave Segal, The Stranger, USA – December 21, 2015



“Effects devices are a big part of what Mészáros contributes, with all sorts of unusual sounds. One thing you never hear is a simple riff with a steady beat repeated for solos…for those who like to hear creative players going for broke, spontaneous and uninhibited.”
Jon Davis, Espose Online, USA – June 6, 2016



“Between serenity and torment, the notes that unfold express the vicissitudes of the soul. The instruments that support them are no less versatile. More than the impression of a great ox, it is the spontaneity of the game and the diversity of the presented repertoire that we retain.”
Lucas Biela, Claire & Obscur, FR – June 29th, 2015



“This Steve Fisk–mixed, Rick Fisher–mastered offering, the latest from the jazz/rock collective, is chock-full of genre-hopping songs, some more melodic than others, with multiple voices making their presence known through monologues, conversations, distorted singing, and yelps.”
Azaria Podplesky, Seattle Weekly, USA – May 22, 2013



“… romping Seattle-ites from the scruffiest, carney-est end of American Gothic; something like a junior Primus, Zappa and Residents rolled into one, abruptly zombified, and crammed into the fustiest old suit in Abraham Lincoln’s trunk of hand-me-downs.”
Dann Chinn, Misfit City, UK – April 17, 2013



“Alex’s Hand, Madame Psychosis … A bizarre quartet of tunes that jumps among rock-musical resemblances (“Stalker”), Zappa-inspired weirdness (“Laura”), and Jesus Lizard heaviness (“Robot”). The soundtrack to your fucked-up drug trip.”
Dave lake, Seattle Weekly, USA – October 2, 2012
“Their self-released debut effort Madame Psychosis features the trio (now a foursome) grappling with a wild spread of musical flavors. The album name itself invites interpretations of conflicting sounds and desires; a veil of manners covering a unpredictable body beneath.”
Cameron LaFlam, The Deli, USA – October 12, 2012